Bremen Town musicians

  The main idea of the Bremen Town Musicians story consists of 4 (four) animals who want to become musicians by running away from their owners after their owners abuse them. Good reading… This beautiful Story may also interest you. The Tale and the Story of the Little Mermaid Once upon a time, a farmer living in the past used to carry sacks of corn to the mill with the help of his donkey. He was no longer satisfied with his donkey, as he was getting old and not getting as much output from him as he used to. That's why it was said and stopped from time to time. One day, the farmer loaded the sacks of corn onto the donkey. They were going to the mill. After leaving for a while, the Farmer said: “What a useless animal you are. You can neither walk properly nor carry the load I put on your back.” Donkey said, “Sir, you know that I have enough capacity to carry four sacks. However, you have loaded twice as many sacks as I can carry on my back. What else do you expect fr